Main Stage

Studio 23’s main sound stage is 36′ x 40′ with a 22′ x 40′ x 12′ hard cyc with 600 Amps of available power. The cyc is normally painted white, but can be changed to any color. The walls can either be painted or lit using our Arri Sky Panels to any color required. The stage has a 4′ x 4′ grid at 18′ for hanging lights.


Studio 23 has a full kitchen with gas oven and dishwasher. The rental includes use of all of our dishes, cups and silverware. As an environmentally friendly stage, we encourage everyone to use our dishes instead of bringing in paper plates and plastic silverware. Water for the entire building is filtered, so we also encourage guests not to bring water bottles when possible. Studio 23 can provide cups and closable drinking bottles upon request.

Producer’s Office / Green Room

Studio 23 has a large office with multiple desks that can be used by producers or your clients during the shoot. These desks are adjustable for standing or sitting and can be configured based on your needs. Next to the office space is our green room with a 55 inch monitor and overhead window that will allow your team to monitor the production without clogging up the stage floor. This area consists of a wet bar and a second restroom.